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What is DX?

Located at the entrance to Campus, Decathlon United’s head office, DX is a place for exploration: half shop, half showroom (also known as a “concept store”).

What is DX for?

DX is a playground we can use to express and exhibit the real VALUES of our products. DX is also a permanent test function that is used to INSPIRE, TRIAL, TEST AND IMPROVE our existing products.

OK, but what are you actually going to do in practice?

Initially, we’ll be looking to trial:

  1. Sales by typology of products with significant extensions of use. In other words, we want a “customer-centric” store that focuses on the needs of the customer.
  2. Overexpose the value of our products
  3. Test ‘membership’
Why is DX located on Campus?

Campus is Decathlon’s international head office, but it’s also one of our biggest stores. It welcomes both internal and external visitors from across the world every year. It makes sense for these visitors to come to Campus where there’s a store they recognise, housing our full ranges and organised by sport. DX is a customer-focused store that tests out tomorrow’s models.

So DX is the store of the future?

We like to think of it as the store of today, that’s linked to our latest Vision 2026 strategy. Gradually, we want to make it even more futuristic, by testing out cutting edge technologies and expertise, and co-inventing the methods of the future with others on site.

So all Decathlons will be like this in the future?

Maybe, maybe not! The aim is to demonstrate what is possible or not possible, and to constantly push the boundaries in terms of our trials. It’s highly likely that our future stores will incorporate elements of DX.

What is AddLab?

AddLab is Decathlon’s 3D printing department.

Why children’s shoes?

Children’s shoes are synonymous with Back to School. And we want to offer seasonal products.

Will products change often?

Yes, ideally we’d like to rotate them every 8 to 10 weeks. We’re already preparing our 2nd rotation for November: “Complete protection from the elements” (gloves, hats, waterproof jackets, etc.). We’ve got a 3rd rotation lined up for the beginning of 2021… Each time, we’ll be selling seasonal products with significant extensions of use, and a nice backstory.

Why sell by product typology?

To keep our customers happy. Those who come just to buy a pair of shorts, or a pair of sunglasses, those who don’t want to traipse through the entire store just to find a pair of socks.

Why are there no changing cubicles?

Because we want to help our customers save time. We won’t have any clothes before our second rotation, but once they’re in, we’ll have a morphological scanner.

And what if I don’t want to be a member?

No problemo! Everyone can visit DX, but to be able to use its services, you have to be a member.

And can I open a DX locally?

If you like! The aim is not to duplicate this initial store (as you see it) from A to Z, but to make sure that each element we test can be integrated into any Decathlon, and perhaps even into another store.

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